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Members of the Hastings chapter of the League of Women Voters attest that the greatest obstacle to getting youths to the polls is taking the initial plunge.

Much of the uncertainty behind the process of voting can be taken away with the resource, a online voter guide commissioned by the League of Women Voters.

The League of Women Voters of Huntington wants to inspire more women to get into politics.

Riffle through the stack of aging newspaper clippings and a thought occurs.

For their roles in shaping Santa Monica's future, from mentoring the youth to advocating for robust early childhood education programs to bringing the Expo Light Rail to the bayside city, the

Less than two years after the failed voter purge of 2012 and only seven months shy of the upcoming state election of 2014, the state of Florida has decided not to go ahead with another planned purg

Dierdre Macnab is the president of the League of Women Voters of Florida. She says the ruling set a precedent for other states considering voter purges.

From their earliest years in our public schools, Falmouth children are learning through experience many aspects of good citizenship.

"This budget agreement omits fundamental and long-sought reforms," says LWV.

Voting rights groups filed an appeal Friday of a judge's order that federal election officials must help Kansas and Arizona enforce state laws requiring new voters to provide documentation pro