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"Asked whether the blanket mailing by the secretary of state was necessary, the League of Women Voters of Ohio's Carrie Davis offered, 'Regardless of what rules we have in place going forward... whatever options we have, we need to make clear to voters what their rights are. I think that's been a big source of confusion this election cycle.'"

"They came from places like Vietnam, Somalia, and China. Seventeen different countries were represented Friday in south St. Louis County, as 23 petitioners gave up their native citizenship to become naturalized Americans. ... the St. Louis area League of Women Voters had a booth to register the new American citizens to vote, following the ceremony."

"The Supreme Court said Friday that it would consider a challenge from several Southern states to the Voting Rights Act, setting up another landmark clash over federal power and the legacy of discrimination. ... 'The Voting Rights Act is an essential part of American democracy,' League of Women Voters President Elisabeth MacNamara declared Friday. The thought that the Supreme Court might overrule Congress and take away voting rights should send a chill down the spine of every American.'”

"Tina Merlitti, who heads up the League of Women Voters of the Akron Area and is a former Akron councilwoman, was an observer on behalf of the state Issue 2 campaign at Callis Tower in Akron, a single-precinct polling location... Merlitti said the biggest problem she saw at the polling place was voters who had moved and weren’t sure where they needed to vote. ... 'Often the people were supposed to vote there,' she said. 'We would look it up for them and then take them back to the judge — the one checking voters in — and say, ‘They’re supposed to vote here.’ They would then give them a provisional ballot. After it happened a couple of times, they would send them to us to have us look it up for them.'”

"The 2012 election may have just wrapped up, but that didn't stop women from trying to inspire one another to run for future office. ... The workshop called "Speak Up, Power Up, Step Up" was encourage women interested in political service and action to run for office. ... The League of Women Voters held the workshop to encourage women to get more involved in public policy.

"Voters are not required to show photo ID’s. But Andrea Kaminski of the League of Women Voters tweeted that poll workers in Onalaska were said to be asking for ID’s and the, 'issue has been resolved.'"

"'The most important thing from our point of view, and hopefully from anybody’s point of view, is we want to make sure every vote is counted,' said Elisabeth MacNamara, national president of the League of Women Voters. 'We understand that may take some time.'"

"Several groups, including the League of Women Voters, called on Floridians to reject all 11 proposals, which they labeled as misleading and inappropriate."

"After an unprecedented shuffling of state election laws to help those impact­ed by Hurricane Sandy get to the polls, Election Day isn’t over in New Jersey, as tens of thousands of voters have until Fri­day night to return ballots cast by email and fax."