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"Groups including Common Cause, the Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights and the League of Women Voters are mobilizing poll watchers and lawyers to look out for polling problems, which they will monitor via a toll-free hotline and an online database."

"The Lawrence/Douglas County League of Women Voters — thanks to 33 volunteers — registered nearly 300 voters at 29 events this summer and fall. A highlight was witnessing dozens of brand-new, naturalized citizens, moments after this fall’s ceremony ...swarm our voter registration table to become eligible to vote. Now we are hoping every newly registered voter does vote on Nov. 6, along with the nearly 80,000 other registered voters in Douglas County."

"I thank the League of Women Voters of Utah for an informative website,, especially its Voters Guide."

Warren and Judy Peascoe look over a copy of the League of Women Voters election guide in the Parkersburg News and Sentinel before going in to cast their ballots at the Vienna city building, one of four community early vote sites that opened Tuesday. "We've early voted at four or five elections...," Judy said. "Early voting assures we vote, so if something comes up at the last minute that might keep us from voting on election day."

"The League of Women Voters of New YorK's voters guide is now up and running, a release from the organization’s local branch announced.  ... The website,, includes information on candidates and voting procedures for Tuesday’s upcoming election."

"Kerry Margaret Butch, the Executive Director of the League of Women Voters of New Jersey, says, “People can vote by mail – they can actually go to their County Clerk’s office right now – during the hours that they’re open – and vote in person right now, and that vote will count…You don’t have to wait till election day, you can do it right now…anybody who wants to vote in the state of New Jersey is going to be able to participate.” ... Butch adds, “Don’t panic...if anybody has any questions about anything, they can give us a call at 1-800-792- VOTE…the League of Women Voters is going to be here to make sure that everyone who wants to vote gets the right to vote.”

" The newly formed League of Women Voters of the Cherokee Nation plans to be active in the upcoming CN election and is looking for members to help with the group’s efforts. Cheryl Nichols Brown, a co-leader of the league, said CN citizens started the group this past summer because they wanted to assist the tribe and Cherokee voters."

"More than 800 juniors and seniors at Kalamazoo Central, Loy Norrix and Phoenix high schools participated in the process, which was coordinated by the League of Women Voters Kalamazoo Area [MI] and featured actual voting machines and specially prepared ballots that looked like the real thing."

"As the Nov. 6 election approaches, it is appropriate to remind [AL] voters that they will need to bring verification of their identity to the polls. However, a photo identification is not necessary for this election."

"Fannie Conner will travel anywhere in the Big Apple to get people to register and vote. During her 50 years as a member of the League of Women Voters of the City of New York, and armed only with a shopping bag full of voting materials, she’s gone to prison halfway houses, city high schools, neighborhood public libraries and Manhattan skyscrapers in her quest to get every last eligible New Yorker to exercise this most fundamental rite of American citizenship."