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“Along with hundreds of other nonprofit organizations all over the county, the League of Women Voters of Lake Forest and Lake Bluff [IL] is participating in National Voter Registration Day Tuesday, Sept. 25.”


“In a lawsuit filed Wednesday against the state, the League of Women Voters of New Hampshire, the New Hampshire Civil Liberties Union and four college students are seeking an injunction against use of the new form, arguing that it’s designed to compel students to do something that isn’t required by state law.”


“Elisabeth MacNamara, president of the League of Women Voters, said 30 local chapters are registering voters in Florida, trying to make up for lost time. ... ‘They are targeting under-served communities,’ she said. ‘They're working at bus stops, community colleges, baseball games, naturalization ceremonies and other events.’”


“On the inaugural National Voter Registration Day, Sept. 25, the League of Women Voters of the Hamptons [NY] will be at 15 sites stretching from Montauk to Westhampton Beach to register new voters in time for the presidential election.”


“The League of Women Voters of Southwest Missouri is hoping more women will take a shot at a leadership role. ...  In the "Picturing Women Leaders" photo contest, all you need is a cell phone and an eye for women in the lead to enter. ... But, the point is to get all women to envision themselves taking the lead and giving women a voice in their community.”


“Ryan Story, who will turn 18 in October, is the only person in his Advanced Placement English class at Westhill High School who will be old enough to vote in this year's presidential election. ... Story and his parents have spoken about registering to vote on several occasions, but his family suspected there would be an his high school...this fall. So he waited -- until Thursday, when representatives from Stamford's [CT] League of Women Voters and the city's registrars of voters visited 12th-grade language arts classes to have students register.”


“Pennsylvania's state Supreme Court justices on Thursday aggressively questioned whether a politically charged law requiring photo identification from all voters should take effect for the Nov. 6 presidential election and whether it guarantees the right to vote.”


“While some folks are content to sit around and complain about low voter turnout, the women of the SaddleBrooke unit of the League of Women Voters of Greater Tucson [AZ] are out to do something about it. The four-women team intends to rock the vote by getting as many people as register to vote while educating them about the process and making sure they have the information they need to get to the polls.”