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News Clips

“The Florence [SC] League of Women Voters celebrated women’s suffrage Sunday by honoring the female judges of the county.”

“Although state officials are quick to point out that early voting increased in the 2012 primaries, it’s unfortunate to see that limiting certain voters’ access to the polls matters more to them than encouraging legitimate turnout.”

“...this year, Republican officials have decreed that polling places will not be open on the weekend before the Nov. 6 election, embroiling both states in a continuing partisan controversy.”

“Don’t seek solutions to nonexistent problems. ... During a public forum that stretched more than two hours...roughly 20 speakers shared variations on that refrain with a five-member commission assigned to review Maine election practice and suggest improvements.”

“Sunday marks the 92nd anniversary of the 19th Amendment, the constitutional amendment that granted women the right to vote. The League of Women Voters of East Alabama will celebrate what has come to be known as Women's Equality Day by helping prepare voters for this fall’s big election with a series of voter registration events.”

"The Ohio League of Women Voters is offering a compromise to settle the intense battle over early voting in the November election"

“The state Supreme Court agreed Thursday to expedite its handling of a challenge to Pennsylvania's new voter identification law, scheduling arguments for Sept. 13...”

Wisconsin Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen asked the state Supreme Court to reinstate a voter identification law before the Nov. 6 elections.

“My point in writing is not only to agree with...but to pass along the most valuable tool I use to help me ferret through the blitz of campaign rhetoric — and that is the League of Women Voters’ Guide. I have never been a part of this group but I have found their guides invaluable for providing nonpartisan information. The guides are even allowed in the voting booth.”

“If you live in the suburbs, check with your local League of Women Voters, NAACP or ACLU. All are coalition members who should connect you with volunteer opportunities...”