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News Clips

“Ida Silverstein, a volunteer at Seven Acres for the past 15 years, helps residents vote, although she hastens to add that she cannot advise them how to vote or tell them how she plans to vote. ... She relies on the League of Women Voters Guide for answers to any questions the residents may have.”

“Janice Horn, retired librarian and board member of League of Women Voters, testified she went to a PennDOT office in her home county of Clarion and found it staffed by a contract worker who said she could not answer any questions about voter ID...”

“The Juneau [Alaska] League of Women Voters is proud that Senator Begich voted to move ahead with this critical legislation and stood up for the voters against the special interests. We were disappointed, however, that Senator Murkowski voted to block...”

“Kicking off today’s testimony was Olivia Thorne, president of the League of Women Voters (LWV) of Pennsylvania and a 35-year member of the organization. The LWV is an organizational plaintiff in the lawsuit.”

“A landmark federal law used to block the adoption of state voter identification cards and other election rules now faces unprecedented legal challenges.”

“‘Fortunately, Senator Udall and Senator Bennet did vote to allow debate on this vital issue,’ said Cath Perrone, LWV of Colorado. ‘We are proud that the senators from our state stood up for the voters against the special interests pouring huge sums of secret money into the elections’...”

 “With 750,000 signatures ... the coalition of good-government groups like the League of Women Voters seeking a constitutional amendment to change Ohio’s seriously messed-up system for drawing legislative and congressional districts — is confident that the amendment will be on the ballot this November.”