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“After serving as the local and state [TX] president for the League of Women Voters, Midlander Karen Nicholson was elected to the national board of directors at the organization's 50th biennial convention.”

“Elections should not be decided by politicians who manipulate voting laws for partisan gain. Improving our elections need not come at the expense of our shared value that all citizens should have the opportunity to participate in our democracy.”

“Gov. Rick Snyder [MI] on Tuesday vetoed three election law bills pushed by Republican legislators seeking to require a ballot box affirmation of citizenship, restrict voter registration drives and require photo ID for obtaining an absentee ballot.”

 "A plan to change how Ohio draws its legislative and congressional boundaries has collected enough signatures to go before voters and might be the only citizen-driven issue on the November ballot."

The League of Women Voters of Spartanburg's art contest on

“Groups opposed to a proposed constitutional amendment to require photo IDs for voting argued Monday to Minnesota's highest court that allowing the ballot question to move forward would set up a ‘voter beware’ choice. ... Lawyers representing the League of Women Voters Minnesota, Common Cause Minnesota and other groups filed a brief ahead of a hearing in two weeks...”

“Nancy Detrick, president of the Montana League of Women Voters says it's not surprising so many people wanted to have a say. ‘It just shows that people here in Montana are concerned about the clean air, and also public health.’”

Reporter Rick Brundrett of The Nerve discusses legislative control of judicial selection in South Carolina, quotes League of Women Voters of South Carolina President Barbara Zia and Profes

“Supporters of the Affordable Care Act gathered at the [FL] state Capitol Friday to celebrate the U.S. Supreme Court's decision upholding the law. The Florida Pediatric Society was joined by the League of Women Voters, the Florida Alliance for Retired Americans and other consumer advocates to praise the court's landmark decision.”

“Bravo to students at several local [CT] high schools for registering to vote. ... Representatives of the League of Women Voters of Southeastern Connecticut recently visited New London High School, Stonington High School and the Williams School, registering a teacher and more than 135 students...”