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News Clips

“Bravo to students at several local [CT] high schools for registering to vote. ... Representatives of the League of Women Voters of Southeastern Connecticut recently visited New London High School, Stonington High School and the Williams School, registering a teacher and more than 135 students...”

“‘The League of Women Voters of Asheville-Buncombe County [NC] will continue to educate our community on the ACA and its pivotal impact on their lives and work to fully implement the law. Health care for all must be the goal as we expand coverage to millions of Americans and preserve the ACA’s transformational reforms,’ said Karen Oelschlaeger...”

“For the first time in [NH] state history, voters will be asked to show IDs at the polls this fall, after the Republican-led Legislature overturned a veto from Gov. John Lynch on Wednesday.”

The state officials charged with preparing ballots for the Nov. 6 general election need to know whether the proposed photo ID amendment will be on the ballot, and in what form.

“Lowell has been hailed by researchers from CIRCLE (Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement) as an ideal location to pilot a lowered voting age to increase voter turnout, create lifelong voters and to increase youth voice in local affairs which directly affect them.”

“Everything I witnessed at the convention supports the organization’s mission to empower republican democratic government, to encourage voting and to inform the citizenry. I’ve long known that that’s exactly what we do here in St. Mary’s County; now I know we do it at the national level as well.”

“Marion/Mattapoisett/Rochester League of Women Voters...provided an opportunity June 9 to register to vote for eligible 18-year-old seniors...”

“An attorney representing Florida told a federal three-judge panel in Washington on Thursday that the state may withdraw its request for judicial approval of the registration limits, part of a 2011 rewrite of the state's elections law.”

“AARP Virginia and the League of Women Voters of Virginia are teaming up to make sure their voices are heard during the 2012 campaign by hosting The People’s Debate between Virginia’s candidates for the U.S. Senate.”

“To determine your District and which candidates are on your ballot, please visit the League of Women Voter®'s website...”