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News Clips

“Aggie Leitheiser, president of the St. Louis Park chapter of the League of Women Voters, applauded Council's decision.”

“The League of Women Voters of Metropolitan Tulsa has released its nonpartisan guide to the upcoming state and federal primary elections.”

“The League of Women Voters of the Kenai Peninsula [AK] believes that the best way to get young people to grow up to become voters and good citizens is to lead by example.”

“Michigan is poised to become the latest state to pass harsh new restrictions on voting. On Tuesday, the Republican-controlled House passed three laws...”

“State Rep. Robin Vos (R-Burlington) has joined a chorus of Republicans continuing to raise questions over Racine County's election practices in Democrat John Lehman's narrow defeat of GOP Sen. Van Wanggaard in the June 5 recall. ... The issue is not unique to Racine. Poll watchers statewide reported confusion over the residency requirement implemented this year.”

“Eight members from the League of Women Voters in Delaware, including four from Sussex County, attended the national convention...”

“'s my wish and that of my LWV friends that every teacher at every level should be driving it into their students' heads that it will be their obligation to take advantage of their right to vote when they come of age.”

“After the census is taken, the Ohio Constitution calls for fair, compact legislative districts to be drawn if redistricting is necessary. What has happened to Lorain County in the latest redrawing of district lines is neither fair nor compact.”

“Sharon Grace and Carole Young-Kleinfeld of Wilton attended the convention...”

“The League of Women Voters of Ohio is deeply concerned about the current state of political financing in our nation.”