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News Clips

“Disqualification of many who expected to run for office in South Carolina's 2012 primary elections has shocked both candidates and voters throughout the state.”

“Ohio League of Women Voters director Ann Henkener, whose organization is spearheading the ballot effort, said Monday's announcement kicked off a week of signature-gathering and grassroots activity around the state.”

“...we say kudos to the Pompton Lakes League of Women Voters [NJ] for turning out this week and offering Pompton’s students the opportunity register. They signed up 55 students from Pompton and Riverdale who were either 18 or would be 18 by the time of the November general election.”

“... Turns out the Division of Elections, working with outdated information from the DHSMV, has been demanding that county elections supervisors purge a number of legal citizens, both natural-born and naturalized, from the voter lists. On Thursday, the Division of Elections announced it was giving up on the use of outdated driver license records.”

“The League of Women Voters supports U.S. Senate Bill. 2219, the Disclose Act of 2012, and urges all Oklahomans to join them.”

Jo Sapp, Columbia-Boone County [MO] League of Women Voters member, on proposed Missouri mandate: “According to a Brennan Center study, millions of U.S. citizens do not have readily available documentary proof of citizenship or government-issued photo identification. Many more — primarily women — do not have proof of citizenship in their current names.”

 “Back in the late 1930's, Natalie Beaumont was too young to remember the League of Women Voters meetings her mother held in their home, but she recalls why these meetings were so important.”

According to Dr. Carol Weissert, professor of political science at Florida State University: “Since the passage of this bill, third-party voter registration groups such as the Boy Scouts and the League of Women Voters are not registering people. ... These organizations are often responsible for registering many young people and students on college campuses. Because they’re not doing so like they used to, the ability of people to register to vote has lowered.”

“Ohio’s march toward what’s expected to be a nationally watched 2012 election took an apparently unprecedented step Tuesday, one that could put election officials into court before a ballot is cast. ... ‘If the legislature had truly wanted to return the clock to where it would have eliminated that last-three-day restriction,’ said Carrie Davis, executive director of the League of Woman Voters of Ohio.”

“...Karen Oelschlaeger, 27, was unanimously chosen as the new president of the local League, making her one of the youngest League presidents in the history of the organization, and possibly the youngest in the United States. ‘I am so honored to be able to lead the League of Women Voters in such an exciting year,’ said Oelschlaeger.”