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“Lawyers for the Florida Democratic Party, some individual citizens and the coalition argued the map violates the Fair Districts standards in one of two constitutional amendments covering legislative and congressional redistricting voters adopted in 2010. ... The Fair Districts coalition is made up of the League of Women Voters of Florida...”

“...along with sophomores... were four of about 50 or so girls selected to participate in the Running and Winning Workshop, which was the League of Women Voters of Camden [NJ]...”

“The League of Women Voters, Clemson Area [SC], is registering high school seniors in Oconee, Pickens and Anderson counties.”

“On April 5, the Ohio Ballot Board gave the go ahead to Voters First - a coalition led by the League of Women Voters - to collect signatures to place a constitutional amendment on this November's ballot.”

Ellen Mork, co-president of the League of Women Voters of the St. Cloud Area [MN], responds to voter photo ID concerns.

“Now that Photo ID is headed to the ballot, opponents are organizing to defeat it. A host of organizations, including the Minnesota AFL-CIO, the League of Women Voters-Minnesota and AARP were joined by other.. groups in announcing a campaign of ‘truth-telling’ to convince voters to defeat it.”

“County Executive Rich Fitzgerald was joined today by representatives of the League of Women Voters of Greater Pittsburgh [PA] in launching a voter education initiative...”

“The process for drawing new district maps for Cook County Commissioner Districts is underway. The League of Women Voters of Cook County [IL] urges citizens to become involved in this process as the 17 new commissioner district boundaries that will result will be in effect for the next 10 years.”

Jayne Freudenberger, Co-President of the League of Women Voters of Bellingham/Whatcom County, Washington, authored an opinion-editorial in The Bellingham Herald on judicial diveristy in ad

“Training sessions for women candidates, such as one planned Saturday by the League of Women Voters of Sioux City, are beneficial...”