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“The Florida Supreme Court dealt a blow to the Legislature on its final scheduled day, ruling Friday that redrawn Senate district maps are unconstitutional and tilted toward incumbents, even as justices upheld the House plan.”

“The League of Women Voters of Texas, or LWV-TX, deplores the ongoing ‘war against women’ and is outraged that the Texas Women's Health Program, or WHP, may be its latest victim.”

“A great place to start gathering information about those individuals who are vying for our votes is, an innovative website that provides citizens across the country with educational information about candidates and relevant issues.”

“‘From this day forward, our elected officials are on notice that they cannot ignore the constitution and abuse the public trust by drawing districts to favor themselves,’ said Deirdre Macnab, president of the League of Women Voters of Florida ...”

“The League of Women Voters, the American Association of Retired People and several other groups are opposing the bills because many eligible voters don't have the type of identification required and could have difficulty getting it.”

“This isn't fair to these people – it isn't just, and it isn't right," said Janet Mason, from the [Hawaii] League of Women Voters. The latest shakeup again delays the Office of Elections from preparing for the August primary...”

“The League of Women Voters of Maryland urges voters throughout the state to prepare for the upcoming primary by visiting to find their polling place, check voting hours, learn about the candidates and ballot measures and read tips about...”

“Among the more absurd voter suppression measures is a part of the law requiring that voter registrations secured by third parties must be filed with election officials within 48 hours. Failure to accomplish that amounts to voter fraud. That has become problematic for high school civics teachers who for decades have helped their students register to vote as they neared or reached the age of 18. Because of that provision and others, the League of Women Voters, long lauded for non-partisan voter participation initiatives, suspended voter registration programs in Florida.”

“Can getting teens to register to vote at the same time they get their driver's license increase their chances of voting when they turn 18? ... Kim Abel, co-president of the League of Women Voters of Washington, says her group supports the idea, since it goes hand-in-hand with the state's newest high school graduation requirement. ‘The League's really excited that we worked with the state Legislature to pass civics education - and if you've got students signing up to register to vote, all of a sudden that civics lesson makes a lot more sense to them.’”

A Dane County judge ruled Monday that the Wisconsin League of Women Voters' lawsuit challenging the state voter ID law can proceed since the League is a proper party to bring the lawsuit and Wisconsin Governor Walker is a proper defendant.