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Moments after she took the oath of citizenship at her naturalization ceremony, Luisa was greeted by the League of Women Voters who encouraged her to use her new rights by registering to vote. After participating in her first election, Luisa wanted to do more—to use her rights to expand others’. She joined the League that had registered her, eager to amplify her newly empowered voice.
As a new League member, Luisa dove into voter registration, visiting high schools to register students, taking on voter education projects to get out the vote among minority communities. But where she feels most fulfilled is when she registers new citizens to vote at naturalization ceremonies. That’s where everything comes full circle for her.
Luisa’s passion for defending voting rights comes from a profound place: knowing first-hand the power that comes from exercising your voice after a lifetime of waiting.

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Defending Voting Rights
Wichita, KS League
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“Embracing new citizens as people with the potential to affect change in our democracy is one of the greatest things the League does. It’s one of the most special things I get to do in terms of advocacy.”