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People Powered Day of Action - Supporter Toolkit

People Powered Day of Action

Thank you for your interest in spreading the word on social about our People Powered Day of Action! Shining a light on redistricting will help us ensure the creation of fair maps that accurately represent the people they serve.

We encourage you to use the hashtag #PeoplePoweredAction2021 in any posts.


  • We support fairer, more equitable maps that represent the needs of our communities. That’s why we’re supporting @LWVUS on their upcoming Day of #PeoplePoweredAction2021! Join us on April 29:
  • People should choose their politicians, not the other way around! Join us & @LWVUS for a day of #PeoplePoweredAction2021 on April 29 to promote involvement in your local redistricting process, which determines how you’ll be represented in your government.


  • We believe that our political maps should represent the people who live within them. That’s why we’re joining the League of Women Voters on their Day of Action, April 29th, to empower people to participate in their local redistricting process!  

    Ensure that local politicians work towards your community’s needs. Learn more:
  • This year we have a chance to make sure our communities are represented more accurately and equitably. We’re joining with the @LWVUS to get more people informed and involved in the redistricting process.  

    Join us on April 29th for the League's Day of Action to learn more about how you can ensure your community’s voices are heard:


  • We believe that a government should promote the interests of its people – and with the redistricting process occurring this year, we have a chance to fight for fair representation! Join us and the @Leagueofwomenvoters for their Day of #PeoplePoweredAction2021 to learn why fair maps matter and how you can help build them. 

Download the image library here [automatic download]!