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Voter Photo ID

"Politicians have no business standing in the way of our right to vote."

League set agenda for the next biennium and elected unanimously Chris Carson of Burbank, California as the organization's 19th national president.

Action on voting rights in 2016 looks very similar to last year. On the whole, states are passing less restrictive election laws, and even better, more and more states are reforming their election process to help voters.

“This decision sends a dangerous signal to voters across the country, one the League is prepared to fight at every opportunity,” said President MacNamara.

Leagues across the country can expect to have a busy 2016 legislative session, with the majority of state legislatures beginning their sessions in January. Voters' rights and election laws will be brought to the forefront once again in 2016, and with elections at every level of government, the stakes couldn’t be higher.

The League of Women Voters North Carolina and Democracy North Carolina worked together to conduct interviews across the state with local board of elections officials to get an on-the-ground view of voting administration resources and procedures in order to ensure smooth and efficient voting processes and procedures and better serve voters.

In the past month, four states have taken a step to improve access to the polls. Voters in Pennsylvania and Nebraska can now register to vote online, while Iowa and Kentucky will have online voter registration systems by early 2016.

Arguments began on a lawsuit that will determine if the North Carolina legislature discriminated in passing the country's most restrictive voting law, and if the changes to voter registration and early voting violate the Constitution or the Voting Rights Act.

When looking at the now almost complete 2015 state legislative sessions, not only were fewer pieces of anti-voter legislation successful, more pro-voter reforms were introduced and passed!

Over the last week, we saw three big wins for voting rights at the state level. It is, we hope, a bellwether of things to come.