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Council & Convention

This video,  broadcast at our 53rd National Convention on June 29, 2018, shows some of our nation-wide mission impact work and our collective story as the League of Women Voters.

All candidates for LWVUS office have been made aware of the following Fair Campaign Pledge. Names will be added to this page as nominees sign the pledge. This pledge is part of the larger Campaign Policy for Candidates for LWVUS Office.

To be moved for consideration at Convention, a not-recommended item must be moved for and granted consideration before delegates can debate adopting them as amendments or substitutes to the Proposed Program.

Plan to come early and stay late to enjoy some of the many Chicago attractions.

A list of questions developed to help Leagues ask specific questions that will assist them in identifying issues and problems that may exist at various points in the election process.

Visit Chicago’s celebrated architecture, both old and new.  

Learn more about the historic Hilton Chicago.