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LWV Brand Standards and Logo Files

League of Women Voters

The League of Women Voters visual system is designed to be dynamic and recognizable, and our logo is the cornerstone of our brand. It is very important to maintain the integrity and consistency of our trademarked name and logo. These Brand Standards will help the nationwide organization maintain a unified look—a branding tactic that is both essential to our legal ability to protect our trademark, as well as creating a trusted visual face that will establish brand recall with our supporters (and those we hope will soon become supporters!).

The name and logo have been legally trademarked by LWVUS and are owned by LWVUS on behalf of all the state and local chapters who are part of our organization. Hence, LWVUS is responsible for protecting our brand and, in turn, those who are part of our family need to use it appropriately. We have established these guidelines in order to maintain the integrity of and reinforce our identity.

This document is organized to assist you in identifying how to use the logo in both digital and print mediums. In both applications, the standards address requirements pertaining to the following:

  • logo design
  • logo colors
  • presentation of the League name
  • use of the registration mark
  • impermissible variations
  • production tips

All LWV materials created moving forward—for both digital and printed materials—must adhere to this Brand Standards document.


State and local League-specific logos can be found here.