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Get involved! There are many ways to have your voice heard by elected officials and policy makers. Take Action on League priorities today.


Citizenship Question is Bad for the Census

Including a citizenship question on the Census undermines the rights of eligible voters and threatens a process vital to our democracy. We will do everything in our power to correct this issue before it’s too late.

Call on Congress to take action and correct this issue before it's too late.


Tell Congress to Pass Sensible Gun Laws

It’s time to stop the violence. Legislation with common sense solutions to prevent gun violence will protect our children, our citizens and help restore our public confidence. 

Tell Congress to move forward with common sense gun legislation.


Congress Must Pass the Dream Act NOW

It's time for our leaders in Congress to choose the values and ideals that this country holds dear. They must stand for those that are working hard, paying taxes and contributing to our society on their path to American citizenship. Tell your Senators and Representatives they must pass a clean DREAM Act to protect, not turn away, the 800,000-young people who were brought to the United States as children. 

Contact your Senators and Representatives.


Urge Congress to Support the Automatic Voter Registration Act

The League is proud to support legislation that enhances access for eligible voters in our elections and works to modernize our electoral system. This bill will improve the accuracy of voter records, cut down on costs, modernize outdated registration systems while supporting implementation in states across the country.

Tell Congress to support this important piece of legislation.