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Money in Politics

Elections should be about the voters not big money interests. It’s time to limit SuperPACs and secret donors to protect representative democracy.

Why it matters

Reducing the influence of big money in our politics makes our elections fairer. Voters have the right to know who is raising money for which political candidates, how much money they are raising and how that money is being spent. Our elections should be free from corruption and undue influence and should work so that everyday Americans can run for office, even if they aren't well connected to wealthy special interests. 

What we're doing

We fight to reform money in politics in Congress, with state legislatures, with the executive branch and, where appropriate, the courts. We are deeply committed to reforming our nation's campaign finance system to ensure the public's right to know, combat corruption and undue influence, and enable candidates to compete more equitably in public office and allow maximum citizen participation in the political process. 

Featured Content

Money in Politics In Depth

As campaigns prepare to file their latest campaign finance reports, the League has signed onto a letter along with its partners, asking candidates to publicly disclose information about bundlers.

LWVUS joined a coalition of groups supporting the Coronavirus Oversight and Recovery Ethics Act (CORE Act).

LWVUS joined a letter sent to the White House and staff of Senators McConnell, Blunt, Schumer and Klobuchar asking them to make appointments to the Federal Election Commission (FEC).

Throughout 2019 the League defended democracy in the courts on issues relating to voting rights, redistricting, money in politics, and improving elections.

The League sent a memo to the U.S. Senate calling for a hearing on the For the People Act. 

LWVUS joined a broad cross-partisan coalition urging presidential candidates to disclose their big-money campaign fundraisers.

A coalition of 16 advocacy groups — including the Campaign Legal Center, Issue One, the League of Women Voters and Public Citizen — is calling on candidates for president to release lists of their top fundraisers.

The League of Women Voters celebrated the record number of women serving in the House and Senate this year with a reception for the female members of Congress.

This bill will make elections fairer and put power back in the hands of the American people.

LWVUS joined a letter opposing the inclusion of three troubling anti-democracy riders from the 2019 spending package.