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Ask Your Senators to Grant DC Statehood The people of Washington DC deserve the same rights as any American living in our 50 states
Tell Your Senators to Support the John Lewis VRAA Demand equality in our electoral process
Adopt the Equal Rights Amendment Enshrine equality of the sexes in our Constitution
Root Out Dark Money Tell your Senators to pass the DISCLOSE Act



Do you have an election coming up? It's time to make your voting plan and find out about your candidate! To get your friends and family inspired, we've created English and Spanish PSAs that we encourage you to share across your socials!

Like the legislative and executive branches, the Supreme Court of the US is subject to checks and balances. These restrictions are part of the United States Constitution and may be exercised by elected branches with the political will to do so. The Court may act, but its fellow branches may respond.  

This blog, the first of a three-part series, will discuss the Supreme Court’s powers under the constitution, Congress’ power to check the Court, and the history of Congress’ use of these powers.  

Looking for a new way to get out the vote? Share one of these TikToks, or create your own with our guide!

The new Legal Center on showcases historic and active litigation where the League is fighting for voters' rights and civil rights in courts around the country.

The League of Women Voters Education Fund (LWVEF) has tapped into the power of young people through its Youth Voter Registration project since 2010. In the spring of 2022 alone, 87 League volunteer teams across the country hosted close to 900 events and registered 22,406 youth in high schools, technical schools, community colleges, youth shelters, and at community events like protests, rallies, and festivals. 

On August 16, the President signed the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 into law. The law approves more than 700 billion dollars in federal investments aimed at reducing the national deficit, combating climate change, and lowering health care costs.  

In February 2022, the North Carolina supreme court issued a historic ruling that partisan gerrymandering violates the North Carolina constitution and ordered new maps to be drawn. 

North Carolina lawmakers have appealed the ruling to the US Supreme Court, putting forward a dangerous theory known as the “independent state legislature doctrine," which argues that state legislatures have unconditional power to legislate on election issues and cannot be reviewed by any established checks and balances.

If this fringe theory — which has been rejected repeatedly by the US Supreme Court — is accepted by the current US Supreme Court, state legislatures could have unchecked power to control elections in the state.  

While abortion justice is necessary for the people of DC, our lack of statehood means we have little control over the future of reproductive rights. Until DC becomes a state and has, like all other states, the ability to make its own laws and policies, we remain subject to the oversight of Congress.  

Even if you live a thousand miles from the nearest coast, oceans —which make up nearly seventy percent of our blue planet — affect your life. As human carbon emissions warm our atmosphere, the ocean absorbs both CO2 and heat, buffering us from the worst effects of our excess. But giving us that protection has changed the oceans we depend on.   

You may consider yourself a history buff, but how well do you know the women who shaped our democracy? Test your knowledge and learn a thing or two with this quiz!

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