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The For the People Act doesn’t just make voting simpler—it makes voting fairer by outlawing the racial and partisan gerrymandering that keeps power in the hands of the few.  

A December 2020 decision from the EPA handed permit approval rights to the state of Florida, allowing the state to approve wetland projects without EPA review.  Environmental groups argue that this decision is disastrous for the environment.

Formerly-convicted individuals get counted in the census, hold jobs, raise families, and contribute to their communities -- why shouldn’t they have a voice in their representative government?

As the world continues to face the COVID-19 pandemic, the United Nations celebrates the power of women and highlights the ongoing need for equality with International Women’s Day.

This blog is the first of a series of blogs about redistricting and the different issues it impacts.  

The journey to enshrine equal rights among the sexes in the US Constitution has been a long one. But this year the ERA is closer than ever to taking its rightful place in the supreme law of our nation.

Board president, Dr. Deborah Turner reflects on the contributions to voting rights advancement from Black women. 

A blog highlighting Black LWV staff for Black History Month 2021. 

As the first African American woman in Congress and the first African American woman to run for president, Shirley Chisholm’s work and legacy are endlessly inspiring. The fact that her activism began in part with a League of Women Voters membership in New York City makes her my personal League of Women Voters hero.

More than 100 years ago, the League of Women Voters of the U.S. was founded to be a nonpartisan voice for American women who wanted free, fair, and open elections, above all else. The politics may change, but our commitment to democracy remains the same.