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On Tuesday morning, the Supreme Court heard what we hope will be the historic case of Gill v. Whitford. Why historic? Because the case represents the last chance, probably for decades, for the Court to rule that excessive partisan gerrymandering violates the Constitution.

The Supreme Court case of Gill v. Whitford challenges partisan redistricting in Wisconsin and could have implications for redistricting nationwide.

The Supreme Court case of Gill v. Whitford challenges the district maps drawn by the state legislature of Wisconsin in 2011. It is the first partisan gerrymandering challenge to make it to the Supreme Court in 13 years.

This could be our last chance to protect the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Next week, the U.S. Senate is gearing up to vote on a new plan to replace the ACA before the end of the month.

National Voter Registration Day is coming next week, September 26! Here are three things we’re most excited about:   Registering and voting is, hands-down, the BEST way…

This week, the Pence-Kobach sham Commission will meet for the second tim

Primary and Municipal Elections in the Sunshine State Now Slated for September 26

Editorial Note: This article was originally published in the League of Women

On this day in 1920, the 19th Amendment was ratified, granting American women the right to vote. Ninety-seven years later, however, we are still fighting for equal access…

The League stands in firm opposition to the Election Integrity Commission. League president Chris Carson has publicly addressed its overreach, noting “Mr. Kobach has been brought to court — and lost — several times for suppressing the constitutional rights of citizens to vote in his home state of Kansas.”