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Brady Horine

Headshot of Legislative and Policy Coordinator Brady Horine
Legislative and Policy Coordinator

Brady Horine is a legislative and policy coordinator on the Advocacy team. In his role, he supports state Leagues with their legislative advocacy efforts around the policy areas of the Making Democracy Work campaign.

Brady first became interested in politics as a volunteer on political campaigns in high school. After graduation, he studied Political Science at the University of Cincinnati, where he spent his time outside of the classroom interning for Congress and working on campaigns while obtaining his Bachelor’s degree. Before joining LWV, Brady worked in the labor movement fighting for workers’ rights.

Brady lives in Washington, DC where he likes to spend his free time reading, exploring the city on foot or bicycle, and watching reality TV shows.

Voter ID laws have long been debated in the United States. While supporters argue that voter photo ID laws are necessary to prevent voter fraud and ensure the integrity of elections, reality tells a different story. Not only do these measures disproportionately impact Black, Native, elderly, and student voters, but they also fail to effectively address any real issues related to election integrity.

Dolores Huerta is a civil rights activist and labor leader who has dedicated her life to fighting for democracy in the United States, both in the government and the workplace. Growing up, she witnessed the struggles of farm workers and saw firsthand the injustices they faced. Her experience motivated her to become an activist and work towards creating a more democratic society.