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Since its Founding in 1945, the United Nations (UN) has played a role in advancing international peace and harmony. The League of Women Voters (LWV) has had “Observer” status at the UN from it’s the UN’s 1945 inception, since major LWV goals such as improving governance and the rights of women are inextricably linked to the security and well-being of peoples everywhere.  

This blog explores UN Observer Paulette Austin's experience promoting equality within and without the US.

The ERA has a long history of champions who aimed to achieve “equality of rights under law” for people of all sexes in our Constitution. In honor of its 100th anniversary, we offer a look back at their work, how the ERA progressed, and where we are in the fight for equality.  

While the digital age brings opportunity, it also brings the risk of disparity. For example, did you know that of the total workers in artificial intelligence, only 22 percent are women? And amid a global analysis of 133 artificial intelligence industries, it was found that 44.2 percent demonstrated gender bias?

Here are ways to create a better digital world for women and girls.

As activists gathered in Selma on Sunday to reenact the steps of marchers like John Lewis and Martin Luther King, Jr., we are reminded that the fight for voting rights is as alive today as it was in 1965. Indeed, the landmark law that passed after Bloody Sunday — the Voting Rights Act of 1965 —  is in critical condition. 

Anya Dillard is a 19-year-old human rights and social justice activist, social entrepreneur, model, content creator, and aspiring filmmaker. Anya is also the founder of The Next Gen Come Up, a grassroots organization that encourages the youth to fight for social change through art and content creation. 

Mayors have the power to shape the vision of the city. They are the public face of the city and that role has influence. Get all the info you need to cast your vote for this significant role.


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Throughout history, Black artists have captured the joy and sorrow of the Black experience through music. As a result, music has been at the center of efforts to raise awareness of and fight for issues important to Black people, like voting rights and social justice. Below are three mini-playlists featuring just a fraction of the music by Black artists that is rooted in activism, hopefulness, and Black joy.  

Join us in tracking the anticipated buzzwords for 2023's State of the Union speech from President Biden. 

A concerted global effort is needed to fight climate change, yet global commitments to reduce carbon emissions are inadequate and slow.

Local, regional, and state efforts are needed to step up the pace. Local governments have an important responsibility to move our communities in the right direction. And that requires a plan.

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