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Election FAQ

 Election Day FAQ

The following are commonly asked questions the League of Women Voters recevies about Election Day. 

Q: Am I registered to vote?

A: Check your voter registration status at, which has state-specific information about verifying your voter information or contacting an elections official for specific issues. You can find the contact info for your elections officials here:


Q: What’s my polling place or voting hours?

A: Enter the address at Your polling place information will either immediately appear or a link to your state’s resource will appear.


Q: Will I need ID to vote?

A: ID requirements vary state by state. To find out what you need to bring to vote, go to, and select the “Search by State and Topic” button. Select on “ID Requirements” in the left column and select your state in the right column.


Q: Can I wear a shirt (or buttons, etc) supporting my candidate when I vote?

A: This varies by state. You can go to and select your state to be directed to the correct elections official’s web page.


Q: I’m having a problem at the polls. What do I do?

A: If you are having a specific problem on Election Day, call 1-866-OUR-VOTE (to speak with an election advocate, English only) or 1-888-VE-Y-VOTA (English and Spanish), 1-888-API-VOTE (Bilingual assistance in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, Vietnamese, Tagalog, Urdu, Hindi & Bengali) or 1-844-418-1682 (Arabic).


Q: What if I’m still standing in line when the polls close?

A: STAY AND VOTE. ALL states allow voters to cast their ballot if they are in line at the time their polling place closes.


Q: Can I register to vote on Election Day?

A: You can register to vote on Election Day if you live in California, Colorado, Connecticut, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Maine, Minnesota, Montana, New Hampshire, Vermont, Wisconsin, Wyoming and Washington DC.

You may need to bring the appropriate identification. Go to and look under “ID Needed for Voter Registration” on your “Voting in Your State” page.


Q: How do I register to vote?

A: First, check your state’s voter registration deadline at If your state is still accepting registration forms by mail, use the registration tool to fill out a registration form.

There may be a different in-person registration deadline. If that deadline hasn’t passed, you may go to your local official’s office to register in person.

If you live in an Election-Day Registration state, you may register and vote on Election Day.

If the deadline has passed for all of your options, you may still use the tool to register available through, but you will not be able to vote this November.


Q: I have a disability; can I request assistance at the polls?

A: All states offer special provisions for those who are disabled or cannot access their polling place on Election Day. If you are unable to attend the polls, but need assistance, you should notify your poll workers about your need to cast a vote successfully.

You can determine for yourself who you would like to assist you at the polls – e.g. a family member or a poll worker, etc.

If you are assisting someone to the polls who is disabled, you should confirm the rules with your local poll workers. Different states have different disability provisions, so it is important to confirm these details. No voter should be turned away if he/she is disabled, or needs assistance.

Information can be found on in the “State Voter Information” page under “Provisions for Voters with Disabilities.”


Q: Will ballots be provided in other languages?

A: Only some jurisdictions offer ballots in other languages, while others hire translators to help voters who need assistance. If you do not understand or cannot read your ballot, you can:

    1. Notify your poll worker of this issue to see if assistance is available at your polling place.
    2. Call an election assistance hotline: 1-866-OUR-VOTE (to speak with an election advocate) or 1-888-VE-Y-VOTA (en Español).


    Q: What should I do if my name is not on the voter registration list?

    A: If you live in a Same-Day Registration state, you can register to vote and vote on Election Day provided you follow your state’s rules.  On, select your state in the dropdown box located under the address box and look at the registration deadline listed at the top of the page.

    If you don’t live in a Same-Day Registration state, you should either be directed to the correct polling place or given a provisional ballot.


    Q: Will my provisional ballot count?

    A: After Election Day, local elections officials will confirm the eligibility of each voter and count their provisional ballot if it is determined that they are eligible. In some states, voters must cast their ballots in the correct polling place. Poll workers should provide every provisional voter with a way to learn whether or not their ballot was counted. Some states may require voters to take extra steps to ensure their provisional ballot, affidavit, or other alternative ballot, is counted. To find out about provisional voting go to and select your state in the dropdown box in the left column in the “State Voter Information” box.


    Q: Who should I vote for/Who does the League support?

    A: The League of Women Voters does not endorse candidates, however we have information for who will be on voters’ ballots. Enter your address at to find the candidate information available for your area.

    The League DOES take positions on some ballot issues/amendments. You can check your state or local League’s website to find information on whether or not the League is supporting/opposing a ballot issue/amendment. The official language of a ballot issue can be found on