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Don’t Know Your State’s Voting Rules? Has the Answers!

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Nationwide, more than 5,500 races and ballot initiatives will be decided this election season. These races are about jobs, economic security, the environment, health care and more. We all need to weigh in.

Are you ready for Election Day? This election season, many states have implemented new voter laws, and there’s been some confusion over new requirements. Wherever you live, if you’re unsure of what you need to hit the polls, visit!

Whether it’s learning if you’ll need identification in order to vote, the hours polling places are open, what’s on your ballot, or what the early or absentee voting rules are in your state, is there to help. lets you build your own personalized voting guide with all of the information you need. Simply enter your address for everything you need to be ready for Election Day!

Voting is the most powerful way to have your voice heard. It is the one time when we are all equal. It doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor, young or old; Election Day is your opportunity to take control and make an impact on the issues that affect you, your family and your future.

Do you know friends or family who are unsure of their state’s voting rules? Make sure to share with them! Our democracy is powered by a diversity of voices. We hope you’re planning to participate if there are elections in your area, and we hope you’ll encourage your loved ones to do the same.

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