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Woman registering a young person to vote

First-Time Voter Checklist

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Casting your first vote is exciting -- and sometimes confusing. But it doesn't have to be.

Follow this easy guide from to make your first voting experience stress-free and empowering, as it should be.

An infographic of the first-time voter checklist

1. Register

Before you show up to the polls, make sure you're registered to vote!

Check or complete your registration at VOTE411.

2. Find Your Polling Place

Every person is assigned a specific polling place based on where they live. Unfortunately, you can't just show up to any polling place to vote, so it's important to know your assigned location.

Look up your polling place.

3. See What's On Your Ballot

You'll probably see a number of issues and candidates on your ballot you may not be familiar with.

Get the information you need with a personalized voter guide.

4. Check ID Requirements

Different states have different ID requirements.

Check if you need to bring your driver's license or another form of ID so you aren't prevented from casting your vote.

5. Vote!

Now you're ready to vote! Make a plan for the day-of, like how you'll get there and what time you'll head to your polling place. Invite a friend to come with you so they can make their voice heard, or share this list with other first-time voters.

And once you're done? Celebrate your participation in our democracy!


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