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How Helped Me Get Ready to Vote

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Turning 18 is a big deal for young people in the United States. For me, it meant that I no longer had late-night driving restrictions, I would soon be graduating from high school, and I could sign my own forms and go to doctors’ appointments by myself. At the time, the fact that turning 18 meant that I was able to vote wasn’t something that crossed my mind. But when I began college this fall at American University in Washington, DC, I quickly realized the importance of voting.

All over campus, including the dorms, dining hall and the quad, I heard students discussing politics.  Some of my close peers began internships on Capitol Hill and became very involved in the congressional races. But it wasn’t until I began interning at the League of Women Voters in September that I realized how important it was for me to register to vote. I finally understood that it was my civic duty – a right that I am lucky to have and should take full advantage of. I learned about, the League’s "one-stop-shop" for election related information, during one of my first days at work, and I decided to register vote. 

To my surprise, using to register to vote in my hometown in Massachusetts was quick and easy! I visited and filled out my information. All I had to do was print the form and mail it back to the local elections official in my hometown. All in all, the process took about 10 minutes – and that includes the walk down from my dorm room to place my registration in the mail. did more than just help me register to vote. It also gave me the information I needed about voting by absentee ballot this November. Through, I learned the rules and deadlines for voting absentee in Massachusetts, as well as what candidates and issues will be on my ballot. Thanks to and the League of Women Voters, I am excited to be taking full advantage of my civic duty by voting for the first time this Election Day!

For a personalized voting guide on elections in your community, including candidate information, voter ID rules, early and absentee voting information and much more, visit and enter your address.

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