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This week, League Interns had the chance to hear the personal side of the effects of possible cuts and caps to Medicaid at the Don’t Cap My Care rally hosted by the

Tobie Whitman, founder and owner of Little Acre Flowers in Washington, D.C. is as passionate about her environmentally and socially conscious floral designs as she is about…

The next Supreme Court nominee, whom President Trump will nominate this week, will play a major role in the course for American democracy over the coming decades.  That may seem like an exaggeratio

On January 21, 2017 millions of women and men around the world turned out to make our voices heard.

When Ruth Gresser first heard about the Women’s March on Washington planned for January 21, she wanted to make sure Pizzeria Paradiso—her restaurant and a

“Voting is the foundation stone for political action.”- Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Each year, hundreds of thousands of immigrants complete the naturalization application process and take part in swearing-in ceremonies—also known as naturalization ceremonies—in cities and counties

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A message from Jeanette Senecal, League of Women Voters Senior Director of Elections: