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After the election, I joined fellow members of the League of Women Voters of DC to register new voters at a naturalization ceremony. It was my first time at one; I was uncertain of what to expect.

Activists are arranging in-person meetings with incoming members of the 116th House of Representatives and dropping in to have conversations with staff members on the need for HR 1, the first bill that the House plans to take up in January. 

Proposition 4 promises an independent redistricting commission to draw lines for electoral districts: those in power will no longer shape their districts and choose their voters.

Congress could make history with HR1, a comprehensive package of democracy reforms. We have been working to ensure that it strengthens voting rights.

On November 6th, Missouri voters approved Amendment 1 with a 62% majority – demonstrating a commitment and desire to clean up Missouri politics.

This past Election day, Michigan voters approved Proposals 2 and 3, creating an independent redistricting commission and expanding access to the polls.

On November 6, 2018, Coloradoans voted to pass Amendments Y and Z, two key redistricting ballot initiatives made possible by the League and coalition partners in Colorado.

Every Election Day, we participate in election protection to ensure that voters are treated fairly. Watch our video to hear stories from real voters on Election Day.

People are social creatures - and studies have shown that talking about voting makes people more likely to vote. So talk about voting to your friends and family!