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Because of COVID-19, the Census has been forced to propose changes to its operating timeline and the dates for sending data regarding apportionment and redistricting.

Very much like life, there have been challenges often, but with each test, the NVRA has uncovered valuable lessons on how to remain standing.

A year ago SCOTUS declined to set a standard to rein in partisan gerrymandering, leading to the launch of our nationwide fair maps campaign. Here's where we are six months in.

With a surplus of time that must be spent at home, we are here to help you bring some productivity into your quarantine while also satisfying the urge to relax on your couch.

2020 marks 50 years of celebrating Earth Day, a day meant to generate action to protect the planet.

In these times of uncertainty and physical distancing, standing together with our communities is more important than ever.

When removing voters from the rolls, election officials should err on the side of protecting democracy not increasing disenfranchisement. 

VOTE411 now has everything you need to know about election changes during COVID-19—in both English and Spanish. 

Today is Census Day, the official launch of the 2020 Census!

Local elections officials are in a unique position to take steps—right now—to protect voters’ rights and address voters’ safety concerns.