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Presidential Candidates Must Answer Voters' Questions

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Voters deserve to know where our presidential candidates stand on important issues.

These candidates are asking to represent us at the highest level of government. That means:

  • Commanding our military forces;
  • Appointing members of cabinet, foreign and UN ambassadors, Supreme Court justices, and federal judges, subject to Senate approval;
  • Working with the cabinet to enforce our nation's laws;
  • Recommending legislation to Congress;

And so much more. 

The importance of this position cannot be overstated. That's why voters need to hear directly from the candidates asking for their votes.

VOTE411's Presidential Voter Guides

We used national polling information to compile a list of questions based on the issues you care about the most. We then shared these questions with all qualified presidential candidates.

We've compiled their answers, word for word, on 

Presidential Voter Guide

In our 2024 guide, voters can see where candidates stand on issues like the cost of living, affordable health care, and voter access.

Yet not all candidates have filled out their guides.

Demand Candidate Information

The people asking to represent you must listen to your needs. 

If you see candidates who haven't filled out their voter guide, demand they do so!

Here's how:

  1. Click their profile on our Presidential Voter Guide page;
  2. If they haven't filled out their guide, find their social media profiles under their picture on the lefthand side of the page;
  3. Tag them in a post demanding they fill out their guide!

By doing this, you'll hold candidates accountable for providing voters with necessary information. We all deserve to be empowered with knowledge when we cast our ballots. Voter guides are a major part of that.

Check out our voter guides today, and let candidates know you're looking for their answers!

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