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Get Candidate Info with Our Voter Guide!

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You never need to walk into an election booth feeling unprepared when it's this easy to find local issue and candidate info! Check out the following video tutorial, and then try our election info tool at!


@lwvus We are so excited to share our newly redesigned voter guide tool on! Check out this how to video to get your own personalized voter guide by simply typing in your address. It’s that easy😉 #LocalElections #VOTE411 #VoterInfo #VoterGuides #Elections #InformVoters #votinginfo #LWV ♬ Funk Rave - Don´t Let Me Down 140 Bpm - kirtap

After comparing candidate's answers to questions that matter, you can compile a voter guide and bring it with you so you're all set when you cast your ballot.

Your vote matters. Be confident when you cast it by having your voter guide on hand!

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