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Are you ready for upcoming elections?

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Last month, League volunteers and supporters across the country came together to help make National Voter Registration Day a success! 

But the work isn’t over—elections are quickly approaching in many states! Even if you don’t have an election this year, someone in your life probably does, and now is the time to get the information they need so that they can participate.

Who represents your beliefs? 

When, where, and how will you vote?

These are the critical questions to think through now, before Election Day is here. To help, the League is proud to provide, our one-stop-shop for all election-related material. With up-to-the-minute registration deadlines, absentee and early voting information, an unprecedented level of information about the candidates on your ballot, polling place times and locations, and more, VOTE411 is the resource to share with voters in your life.


As you think about your plan for voting this year—whether you take advantage of early and absentee voting opportunities in your state, or you vote on Election Day November 5th—I hope you will encourage your loved ones to make a plan, too.

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