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Two pictures of women registering women to vote above the text "National Voter Registration Day"

Why You Should Celebrate National Voter Registration Day

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Happy National Voter Registration Day (NVRD)!  

This year, we've seen firsthand how registering people to vote creates a stronger, more representative America. Americans are taking part in our democracy in full force – and now is our chance to make sure they’re ready to vote.

Today, thousands of organizations, celebrities, and everyday Americans are spreading the word about the importance of checking your voter registration—and we're joining them.  

We all have one goal in mind: make sure every American can vote. 

The League’s Involvement in NVRD: 2021 Case Study

A central figure in National Voter Registration Day since its start in 2012, the League of Women Voters is rolling out all the stops.

In 2021, we had an eye-popping 409 Leagues of volunteer teams hosting registration and voter engagement events around the country, solidifying us as the largest on-the-ground partner for this important holiday. 

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In 2021, state and local Leagues teamed up with local campuses, businesses, and direct service providers, working with local elections officials, and taking to the airwaves and social media to get the word out about how their communities could register to vote or update their registration if needed. Here are a few ways our local volunteer teams got active:   

  • In Houston, the League recruited more than 200 volunteers to keep up with their registration events! They worked with the Houston Astros, local colleges, Harris County public libraries, local TV stations, and the Out of the Closet Thrift Store (whose revenues provide medical care for patients with HIV/AIDS), ensuring they would reaching first-time voters and those who need trustworthy voting information;  
  • In Tucson, the League was at several libraries, greeting patrons and ensuring they were registered;  
  • In Tulsa, the League worked with local banks to set up registration tables; and 
  • In Wisconsin, the League of Women Voters of Sheboygan had volunteers out at Mead and Plymouth Libraries and on-campus at Lakeland University, the University of Wisconsin, and Lakeshore Technical College to answer questions and help voters register.  

The work continued in 2023, with Leagues hosting 500+ registration events and registering an estimated 100,000 voters.

How You Can Get Involved in NVRD 

This is a great opportunity to make sure members of your community are registered so their voices are heard in our democracy! Here are a few easy steps you can take: 

Voter registration is the key to ensuring that all Americans can make their voice heard. Now is the time to help voters get ready to cast their ballots.   

Let’s make sure no one is left out! 

Updated 1/26/24

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