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Person with long dark hair sitting in front of a computer that is opened to Below, the caption "Premiere: VOTE411 PSAs"

Premiere: 2021 VOTE411 PSAs!

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With midterms around the corner, we know it’s essential to engage every American in the democratic process. 

That’s why we created VOTE411. No matter how much any one person knows about local and state elections or how involved they’ve been in the past, they can find the tools they need to elevate their voices at this digital one-stop-shop for election info. 

VOTE411 is an incredible tool – but many people still don’t know it’s available (in English and Spanish)! We’re spreading the word about this incredible resource via a new collection of PSAs like the ones below. 

(Voter) Knowledge is Power

Every person deserves to have crucial election information like candidate guides, registration how-to's, and voting deadlines. Knowledge like that makes voting fairer and more equal. 

If your local candidates haven't provided their information to VOTE411, we highly encourage you to Tweet at them and encourage them to share!

The right to vote is essential because it allows us to speak on the issues that matter the most in our everyday lives: health care, the environment, taxes, and more. VOTE411 aims to make voting more accessible to everyone, so all of our voices are heard.

Your vote is your voice. Use it!

Check out our full collection and share them with friends and family so they can make their voices heard!  

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