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Women’s Equality Day is a time to honor and acknowledge all of the women who came before us, and to use the lessons of their fights to shape a fairer, more just future.

We all have one issue that we hold dear. In my case, it’s Equal Rights.

On this day in 1920, the 19th Amendment was ratified, bringing a hard-fought campaign to allow women the right to vote to a conclusion.

With three months to go until Election Day, America is facing a critical shortage of poll workers, all of whom need to be signed up and trained in time for November.

A national overview of the League’s engagement in COVID-19 litigation

It's been 244 days since the VRAA passed the House, 7 years & 1 month since Shelby v. Holder, and 55 years since the VRA was originally signed into law.

Voters can trust in the safety and security of the mail-in voting process, regardless of recent politicized claims to the contrary. Here are five reasons why.

As LWV celebrates 100 years, & next month marks 100 years since the 19th Amendment was ratified, here are 100 ways to take action before Election Day!

Since the launch of the campaign for People Powered Fair Maps, Leagues across the country have engaged in litigation for fair redistricting practices.  Here's where we've been fighting.

According to a USC study, Arkansas is the 8th most gerrymandered state, in regards to their state legislative districts. Here's how we're working toward fair maps in the state.