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As we celebrate Pride Month, we can never forget that LGBTQIA+ rights need continual support and activism. Sadly, through the past year, we have seen a range of devastating anti-LGBTQIA+ bills across several states.   

LWVUS board president and Planned Parenthood North Central States medical director, Dr. Deborah Ann Turner, made the following remarks in response to the Supreme Court of the US's decision to overturn the constitutional right to abortion.

More than half of adults in the US are not receiving treatment when they experience a mental illness.

If we are struggling with our mental health, it’s difficult to show up and fight for our rights. Yet by lifting up the voices of all Americans, we can collectively take on this battle. 

Carbon emissions are causing widespread and potentially irreversible damage to the environment  —  and also have a significant impact on the economy.  

While some people rationalize our failure to decrease emissions by keeping that the actions needed to do so would hurt the economy, the costs of doing nothing are even higher and are increasing with every day of inaction.  

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The recently leaked US Supreme Court draft opinion in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization threatens to overturn the constitutional protection of abortion. If this decision is published, reproductive rights are predicted to largely become a state legislative issue. 

On June 25, the League's CEO Virginia Kase Solomón joined Black Women Leaders and Allies and the National Coalition for Black Civic Participation for their Voting Rights and Reproductive Justice call to action. Her remarks, and a full stream of the event, can be found here.

The Voting Rights Act was originally passed in 1965 as one of the chief legislative accomplishments of the civil rights movement. Since then, it has safeguarded the right to vote, guarding against discriminatory voting practices such as literacy tests and racial gerrymandering.

But the VRA is on shaky footing in 2022, facing opposition both in Congress and at the Supreme Court.

Ghost guns are highly prevalent in today’s world. They can be 3D-printed, made from a kit, ordered online from an operation that assembles un-serialized firearms, or otherwise assembled from unserialized individual gun parts sold by companies online. 

State action on ghost guns is key in building a robust national common-sense gun control framework.

Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander (AANHPI) women have always been an integral part of the voting rights movement. From opposing sexist and racist legislation to expanding the freedom to vote, the following five women are just a few of the many icons you should know about.

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