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Get Your Grads Vote-Ready!

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Congratulations to your recent grad! 

Graduation is an incredible achievement. They've spent countless hours learning about the world around them, formulating their own ideas, conversing with people whose experiences differ from their own, and developing their own worldview.

In other words, they've honed one-of-a-kind perspectives that must be heard  — and one way to elevate those voices is through their vote.

To celebrate your grad and empower them to start their democratic journey, we've compiled the following postcards directing them towards all the tools they'll need to vote at Share them via email, social media, or however you prefer to chat with your loved one!

Once again, congratulations!

Download Postcards Here

Postcard with a picture of a woman in graduation robes with the text "congratulations class of 2022, register to vote at"
Picture of a woman in a graduation cap and gown. Above, the text "Felicidades clase de 2022!" Below, "Registrat
Graduates in caps and gowns. Text above reads "Congrats class of 2022!"
Graduates in black caps and gowns. Text at the top reads "felicidades clase de 2022!"
Picture of multiple people in graduation caps and gowns. Above, the text "Congrats class of 2022." Below, the text "your voice is your power, get ready to vote."
Multiple people in graduation caps and gowns. Above, the text "Felicidades clase de 2022!" Below, the text "Tu voz es tu poder. Prepárate para votar."

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