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Ask Your Senators to Grant DC Statehood The people of Washington DC deserve the same rights as any American living in our 50 states
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Adopt the Equal Rights Amendment

Council & Convention

The 2022 Convention will take place in June 2022 in Denver, CO and virtually.

Council & Convention In Depth

The rules customarily used by LWVUS have been adapted to the hybrid meeting format. These rules will be presented for adoption at the opening plenary. Amendments may be offered at this time and require a majority vote to adopt. The rules, as proposed or amended, require a two-thirds vote for adoption. To suspend a rule at a later time requires a two-thirds vote.

Proposed LWVUS and LWVEF budgets for the 2022 – 2024 biennium

Proposed amendments to LWV bylaws, to be voted on by 2022 National Convention delegates.

League program is the education and advocacy platform that we adopt every national Convention to move our mission forward.

The resolutions process will be presented to delegates at LWVUS Convention 2022.

These individuals have been nominated to the LWVUS Board of Directors and LWVUS Nominating Committee for 2022-2024.

View the agenda for the 2022 Convention.

Registration is open for the 2022 Convention

Learn more about the 2022 Convention

We invite League members to our biennial national gathering to be held in Denver, CO and online in 2022.

One of the many important business items at the national convention is the review and possible amendment of the LWVUS Bylaws. Below is the process that Leagues should use to propose an amendment. All proposed amendments are reviewed by the Bylaws Committee. 

The deadline for applications has passed.

Leagues that are unable to fulfill their financial obligation and wish to vote at Convention 2022 may file a hardship claim with the LWVUS Board.

Program planning is the grassroots process of recommending and selecting governmental issues for study and agreement in reaching a position.

Sheraton Downtown Denver (CO) & Online
JUNE 23-JUNE 26, 2022

We invite our League members to save these dates and plan to join fellow passionate and engaged League leaders for our biennial national gathering to be held in Denver, CO and online in 2022.

This resolution was passed by the delegates of the 2020 LWVUS National Convention.

Main highlights from the 2021 National Council meeting, held virtually June 24–27.

A summary of each Convention day's activities

Registration is now open for the virtual 2020 Convention scheduled for June 25-27. 

The deadline for submissions was March 2.