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Women's Inequality Day

Four women above the text "Women's Inequality Day: Tell Congress Your Women's Equality Wish List. #WID23."

August 26, otherwise known as Women's Equality Day, marks the anniversary of the certification of the 19th amendment, which granted some women the right to vote.

Yet today, women have fewer rights than they'd had in decades. To recognize this, we acknowledge Women's Inequality Day, uniting to demand that lawmakers restore and protect our rights by:

  1. Passing voting rights legislation;
  2. Adding the Equal Rights Amendment to the Constitution; and 
  3. Restoring reproductive rights to women and those who can become pregnant.

2023 Campaign

Throughout August 2023, we engaged in a digital campaign promoting the core messages of Women's Inequality Day (above) and encouraging people to sign our petition sharing our wish list for women's equality. 

@lwvus August may be coming to an end, but the fight for women’s equality does not. #WID23 ♬ original sound - League of Women Voters

Throughout the month, 5.1k people sent letters to Congress demanding they take a stand for equality.

Our CEO, Virginia Kase Solomón, discussed the effort with podcasts like Madam Policy and Electorette, and wrote an op-ed featured in The Fulcrum. Partners and members of the public also shared videos describing what women's equality means to them.

2022 Campaign

Our Ad

35 women-run organizations in the equal and voting rights movements joined us in publishing a full-page ad in the Washington Post to acknowledge Women's Inequality Day. Several also joined us in the above video, calling on our leaders to commit to equitable change.

Letter from the LWV on Women's Inequality Day as published in the Washington Post
The names of 35 women leaders in advocacy who signed the Women's Inequality Day letter to the Washington Post

Past Partners

We're proud to have partnered with a diverse coalition of women-led organizations to promote Women's Inequality Day. Below are just a few.


Advancement Project logo
Logo for Asian and Pacific Islander American Vote
Ballot Initiative Strategy Center logo
Text reading "Black Voters Matter" with a raised fist as the "L"
Black Women's Roundtable logo
Logo for Care in Action
Common Cause Logo
Hands reaching up towards the sky, with one in the center holding a torch, over the words "Democracy Initiative"
Demos logo in blue text
Drum Major Institute
Logo for End Citizens United on a navy background
ERA Coalition logo
Justice For Migrant Women Logo
Kairos Center logo
Logo for the Leadership Conference
Logo for the Legal Defense Fund
Logo for Let America Vote
MS Foundation for Women logo
National Council of Jewish Women logo

NILC logo (National Immigration Law Center)

National Organization for Women logo
National Partnership for New Americans logo
National Partnership of Women and Families logo
Logo for NARAL Pro-Choice America
National Urban League logo
National Women's Law Center logo
Planned Parenthood logo
Poor People's Campaign logo
Logo for Public Citizen showing the Statue of Liberty above the organization name
Logo for re:power
Supermajority logo
Logo for the Transformative Justice Coalition
Logo for Voto Latino in red and blue
When We All Vote logo
Logo for the Worker's Circle with the text: Jewish culture for a just world
Logo for the YWCA saying: eliminating racism, empowering women, YWCA


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