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Madison Gharghoury

Data and Evaluations Fellow Madison Gharghoury
Data and Evaluations Fellow

Madison Gharghoury is the data and evaluation fellow at the League of Women Voters of the United States. In her role, she assists with evaluation projects across the nationwide Leagues and within the LWVUS office. 

Madison's experience spans project management, policy and research, nonprofit administration, and advocacy. Madison has played a key role in education, research, and project management for the University of Pennsylvania Breast Cancer Research Team and the Pennsylvania Department of Education Policy Office. Additionally, Madison is the Director of National Partnerships at the Center for Community Progress. 

Throughout her career, Madison has focused on building relationships that lead to meaningful and impactful results in communities nationwide. Whether cultivating relationships within the organization, with external partners, or with residents, she believes that success is intricately tied to the support of others, emphasizing respect, trust, and authenticity. 

Madison holds a Master’s degree in Public Policy from Temple University and a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from West Chester University of Pennsylvania. A proud New Jersey native and devoted New York Rangers fan, Madison is based in Washington, DC.