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Moriah Shiddat

Moriah Shiddat
Member Associate

Moriah Shiddat serves as the Member Associate for the League of Women Voters' national office, providing administrative support to League members and the general public as well as logistical office support for the  LWV team. Prior to joining the League, Moriah spent the last 10 years working in program implementation and project management at a number of non-profit organizations specializing in community economic development, mental health, and refugee development. As an AmeriCorps and Foundation for Sustainable Development alumna, she has been directly involved with community outreach and understands the important role of grassroots mobilization and civic engagement.

Moriah obtained a BA in International Studies from Michigan State University and a MA in International Development Studies from Ohio University where her focus was on gender and economic development in Africa. She is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in African Studies at Howard University. 

In her spare time, Moriah is a playwright and poet. She has a passion for the arts and devotes her time to also showcasing her work at theater festivals and spoken word venues.