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5 Ways You Can Celebrate Constitution Day

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On Constitution Day, September 17, we commemorate the signing of the U.S. Constitution in 1787. Constitution Day, also known as Citizenship Day, is when we honor our democracy by celebrating our rights and responsibilities as citizens. It’s the perfect time to celebrate the right to vote, the very cornerstone of citizenship! 

The first three words of the Preamble to the Constitution – “We the People” – affirm that our government is founded upon our input and opinions. Through voting, we have the chance to weigh in on the issues that are most important to us as well as how our nation is governed. That’s why it's critical that each of us registers to vote and goes to the polls – and that we encourage the people in our lives to do the same.   

In honor of Constitution Day, here are five ways you can celebrate your civic duty to vote:   

  1. Register to vote. Voting is at the core of our democracy and what it means to be an American. It is key way for us to take control and have a say on what matters most to us, our families and our communities. Be a role model for your family and community; take a moment to register to vote now!

  2. Already registered? Make sure your voter registration record is up-to-date. Voting is crucial to Making Democracy Work®. Don’t miss out! Have you recently moved or changed your name or party affiliation? Then you may need to update your voter registration record. To do so, simply visit and use the voter registration toolto update your information.

  3. Help a friend register to vote. Research shows that personally asking someone to register and vote is thesingle most effective method! Do you know someone who just turned 18, became a U.S. citizen or recently moved and needs to update their registration record? Send them our eCard and ask them to register. Then, talk to them about how voting is a civic duty and point them to to answer any questions they may have about the upcoming election!

  4. Learn about the voting process – and tell your friends and family! Voting is simple once you know the ropes! Visit to learn all the information you need to vote, including your state's voter registration deadlines, voting rules or requirements, and absentee and early voting options. 

  5. Attend a candidate debate or forum! One of the best ways to prepare for Election Day is to learn about the candidates. Get empowered to vote – attend a candidate debate or watch one on TV! Find upcoming candidate events in your area by checking your local papers, blogs and news outlets. You can also look into programming or nonpartisan voters’ guides published by your local League of Women Voters, or enter your address on to find localized information about what will be on the ballot in your area. 

Voting is the crux of citizenship, and empowering ourselves to vote is the best way to honor our country and Constitution! Voting is our chance to stand up for our families and communities by letting politicians know what matters to us. It’s our duty and responsibility as citizens. With your help, we can make sure every eligible voter helps strengthen our nation and government by preparing to vote this Election Day.

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