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Celebrate National Voter Registration Day!

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Today is National Voter Registration Day, a nationwide effort to register hundreds of thousands of voters on one single day. In 2012 and 2013, National Voter Registration Day partners helped 350,000 voters register to vote on this day of nationwide action! With Election Day just weeks away, today is the day for all of us to help voters get ready to head to the polls to weigh in on the thousands of elections happening at the local, state and federal levels and on the issues that matter most to them.

Voter registration is the key to ensuring that all Americans can engage in our political process. That is why the League is committed to National Voter Registration Day, and it is why League volunteers will be out in force today and right up until every state's registration deadlines passes, this year and every year.  

Here are three simple steps YOU can take to be a part of today’s voter registration efforts:

  1. Send our eCard to people you know who may need to register to vote or update their registration. This includes anyone you know who recently turned 18, became a citizen, moved or changed their name.
  2. Snap a selfie with your voter registration card, an “I’m registered” sign or a voter registration application. Post it on your social media channels with a link to our online voter registration tool and the #celebrateNVRD hashtag. Your actions on social media can influence your friends to take action, so encourage your networks to get registered!
  3. Mentor a friend who is new to the elections process. Help show new voters the ropes by sharing with them, so they can know what to expect to see on their ballot. Then commit to going to the polls with them on Election Day.

Volunteers from the League of Women Voters are a huge part of the National Voter Registration Day effort – 400 Leagues from 48 states are hosting events today! For example, Leagues will be registering voters at high schools and on university/community college campuses, at concerts, at their local YMCAs, rural hospitals and government buildings. And the League of Women Voters of the City of New York is again bringing together a wide range of partners for a day-long voter registration party at City Hall Park!

In addition to the League’s activities, thousands of other partners – volunteers, celebrities, businesses, online activists, local officials, social service providers, religious leaders and a whole host of others – are joining hands across the country today for National Voter Registration Day.

This incredible level of participation underscores just how committed League volunteers and our allies are to strengthening our communities by engaging and empowering new voters! So help us have a big impact today – send our eCard to the people in your life who may need to register to vote or update their registration.

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