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Don't Miss Out On Important Elections - Update Your Voter Registration Record!

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Last year alone, an estimated 36 million Americans, or about 11 percent of the U.S. population, moved homes. If you’re one of these individuals, you know that moving is a busy process that includes many tasks and an extra-long checklist. Along with collecting boxes and bubble wrap, there’s one critically important part step that belongs on every moving checklist: updating your voter registration record through!

It’s important to update your voter registration record every time you move because your mailing address determines critical information about your local elections, including what races you can vote on and where you’ll cast your ballot. Even changing neighborhoods within the same town or city can affect what’s on your ballot and where and when you vote. In addition to address changes, voters who recently changed their name or party affiliation also must update their voter registration record.

Luckily, updating your voter registration record is easy. Just go to and use our voter registration tool to register at your new address. If you didn’t move recently, do you know someone who recently moved?  Maybe a friend, relative, colleague or new neighbor? Share with them, so they can update their voter registration record.

The average person living in the U.S. moves roughly 12 times in their lifetime. It’s important that all of these eligible voters weigh in on our nation’s elections. Whether at the local, state or national level, voting is the most powerful way to have your voice heard.

Remind the people in your life to visit to update their voter registration record, learn their state’s voting rules and deadlines, and other important elections information. With your help, we can make sure every eligible voter is able to participate in the political process. 

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