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Four Reasons To Watch the Debates

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The entire House of Representatives and dozens of US Senate and Governor’s races will be decided in November, along with our next President. If you’re wondering how you can choose the right candidate to receive your vote, we’ve got the answers!

Doing research and knowing where you stand on the issues is a great start. But to really get the most information on the candidates and their stances, you can watch the candidate debates. Attending or watching a candidate debate is one of the best ways to prepare for casting your ballot. And if you follow our advice, watching debates can be as fun as it is informative!  

Here are four reasons that you should attend or watch a candidate debate: 

1. These issues matter 

Would you hire someone without first interviewing them? Didn’t think so. Think of candidate debates as an interview that allows you to get to know your candidates better and to get a sense of where they stand on the issues that matter most to you. Studies show that attending a debate can impact your vote, and that Americans are more likely to vote when they feel informed about the candidates. Watching or attending a debate is the perfect way for you to learn more before casting your vote.

2. We all have a say.

If you decide to attend a debate in person, you may have the opportunity to ask the candidates directly about the issues that you care about. Debate moderators often take questions from the audience, allowing you to ask the hard questions. If you’re watching a debate from home, you may also be able to use Twitter, Facebook or other social media platforms to send in your questions to the candidates or engage in conversations with other viewers. Whether you’re in the crowd or on the couch, you can have your voice heard!

3. Democracy works best when we all get involved 

Our democracy thrives when all of us are engaged. When you watch a debate and discuss it with the people around you, you’re helping foster important dialogue about issues that affect our lives. Hosting a debate watching party is a great and fun way to get your friends, family, coworkers and community to gather together and discuss the debate. You can also follow candidates on social media to stay involved and in-the-know.

4. This election will determine our future. 

The people who fill public offices will make decisions that affect you, your family and your community on issues like the economy, education, security, and health care. It’s essential that we all weigh in on the process. Election Day is just around the corner; now is the time for all of us to get the information we need to cast our ballots, and watching the debates is a great way to do just that.


Convinced? Good! Now take a look at our Debate Watching Toolkit to make sure you get the most out of your debate watching experience.

Want to attend or watch a debate in your community? Enter your address at to find upcoming events and voter information in your area!

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