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Honoring our Mothers

This is Public Service Recognition Week and this weekend, we celebrate Mother’s Day! In my roles as a career public servant and a mother, the League has always provided a very special place for me. League members work closely with local, state, and federal employees and officials. We understand the very special role that these dedicated public servants play in making our democracy work. Many of our members are public servants, especially teachers, and even more are mothers.

The League fought to get women the right to vote not just because millions of women deserved a voice in our democracy, but also because of the very special perspective that women and mothers, in particular, bring to the political table. Not only do mothers nurture the next generation of engaged citizens, but they also understand the importance of public health and education in our communities. In fact, the first major legislative victory for the newly founded League of Women Voters was federal legislation protecting the health and welfare of mothers and children.

So this Mother’s Day, we’re celebrating the countless mothers who ensure that our nation is safe for democracy and let us not forget that women have the vote because one young elected official listened to his mother and cast the deciding vote in the Tennessee Legislature!