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Record-breaking High School and Community College Voter Drives

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League of Women Voters volunteers nationwide have passed a major milestone: hosting more than 600 school registration drives and registering nearly 20,000 students to vote so far this year.

The League of Women Voters is one of the largest and most trusted voter registration entities in our country. For nearly 100 years, the League has been at the center of initiatives aimed to create voter registration and education events to reach students across the nation. Local and state League volunteers are giving students the power to participate in their democracy and make their voices heard.

This year, 38 League affiliates around the country together hosted over 600 events registering 19,398 students from high schools and community colleges!

These record-breaking numbers are thanks to the expertise and innovation of League volunteers.

Leagues reported that they saw new levels of enthusiasm from students who wanted to get involved in the voting process. In some areas, students who were too young to vote volunteered with Leagues to help register and educate their peers.

From now until Election Day, Leagues will remain in contact with students. Leagues will help them carry out their responsibilities as new voters, explain what to expect at the polls, and provide information about elections through

We’re inspired by our volunteers and the energy of students who want to remain active and become our nation’s engaged leaders of tomorrow. Want to get involved? Find the League in your area and ask them about volunteer opportunities!

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