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Test Your Knowledge: Presidential Nominating Process

If you’re anything like me, I’m sure you’ve been glued to the TV for the presidential debates!

But the real action won’t begin until February 1st, when the race for the presidential nomination officially kicks off with the famous Iowa Caucuses.

Test your knowledge about the nominating process by taking our quiz!

Presidential primaries and caucuses are two different ways candidates compete to win the support of state delegates who will be responsible for choosing the party’s nominee at their national nominating convention.

Unlike other elections, each party sets its own primary or caucus rules and each state determines the format and eligibility for voting.

Think you know how it all works? Find out now by taking our quiz!

With presidential primaries just a few months away, the League has answers to voters' most frequently asked questions about the process of electing the president. From helping navigate the complex nomination process to providing succinct tips for making sense of the daily barrage of campaign coverage and advertising, Electing the President serves as a go-to resource all the way up to Election Day.