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Victory for Voting Rights in Pennsylvania

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 Yesterday, Pennsylvania Judge Robert Simpson issued a temporary injunction, halting the state’s photo voter ID law in advance of the November elections. This decision removes an unnecessary barrier to voting for hundreds of thousands of the state’s eligible voters, and is a victory for the voters of Pennsylvania and our democracy.

This court action was hailed as “an important victory for all Pennsylvanians” by national League President Elisabeth MacNamara. “We live in the world’s greatest democracy and our voting systems should remain free, fair and accessible. Today’s decision helps us guarantee that right for all voters.”

The Pennsylvania League, the lead organizational plaintiff in the case, along with numerous coalition partners, filed suit to block the law from taking effect. A Commonwealth Court Judge initially ruled against the League but was asked by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court to reconsider the issue. After reconsideration the same judge found that the state did not have time to fully implement the law and, thus, risked disenfranchising voters, so he stopped the law from being implemented for the November 6th election. He will however reconsider the issue after the election.

Hundreds of thousands of eligible voters will now have access to voting without unnecessary barriers, and the League can focus on its work of registering and informing the state’s voters. Pennsylvania State League President Olivia Thorne stated:

In the few weeks that remain between today and Election Day, it will be important that all voters and the election workforce realize that photo ID is not required to vote on November 6th.

During the period preceding this ruling, the League and others worked tirelessly to help citizens obtain photo voter ID.

Everyone, including Pennsylvanians, can find what they need to register and prepare for November at the League’s election website,

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