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Leagues Join Amicus Briefs in the Case of Shelby County v. Holder

LWVUS and the League of Women Voters of South Carolina (LWVSC) signed onto briefs in the case of Shelby County v. Holder. The U.S. Supreme Court will hear arguments in the case on February 27, 2013.

LWVUS joined the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights in filing an amicus brief in the case of Shelby County v. Holder.  The brief argues that the Supreme Court should affirm the Court of Appeals decision to uphold Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act.

LWVSC also joined a brief in the case. The brief also argues that Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act should also be upheld, but provides narrative specific to the State of South Carolina on how Section 5 helped implement and clear a Voter ID law in South Carolina.

Both briefs are available for viewing as PDF files below.

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